We develop both advanced websites in WordPress and heavier web services, business systems and platforms intended for all purposes.


We help you develop mobile applications. We prefer development in React Native of quality-assured apps for both iOS and Android.


Design makes a difference. That is why we attach great importance to developing a well-thought-out and unique design that makes your company stand out.


We offer reliable operation, knowledgeable IT support and helpful support for your web systems or sites when you order services from us.

Development of prototype

We can help your company create a well-functioning prototype, where all core functions are developed to get as close an experience and feeling of the end product as possible. It is the most cost effective way to test your idea and present it to investors.

Why should you choose us?

We are a team with broad experience in the IT industry that can help you create user-friendly systems and build your profitable business. With our focus on service, deep technical competence and competitive prices, we can realize your ideas and create modern and functional products.

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A selection of projects which are under active development and management of our Team in its entirety.

Do you need a dedicated team at a good price?

We can help you gather and prepare a dedicated team of developers that suits your needs at a fixed monthly price per skill. Usually having a dedicated team becomes a smart choice for projects of six months and up as you get significantly more value for money.

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